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Annual Walt Disney World Bird Count

You may know that Disney’s Animal Kingdom takes great care in caring for the animals in the theme park, but did you know that the animal care team also has responsibilities for every animal in Walt Disney World. Yes, even the vultures that hang out in the worst places.

One of those activities involves counting all the birds at Walt Disney World Resort and the surrounding area. In the video below, Anne Savage, Ph.D., Senior Conservation Biologist, Disney’s Animal Programs, explores the second annual holiday bird count at the Walt Disney World. Cast members from across the resort are joined by Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment team and together they complete the census.

Walt Disney World Resort Holiday Bird Count Fun Facts:

  • The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund has provided more than $5.7 million to support bird conservation around the world.
  • Our holiday bird count is modeled after the Audubon Christmas bird count, which began in 1900.
  • Data collected in bird counts from year to year allows scientists to follow trends in bird populations and abundance over time. These trends help scientists focus their conservation efforts in key bird areas.
  • Nearly one-third of the Walt Disney World Resort has been set aside as a dedicated wildlife conservation area.
  • An abundance of birds make their home in Florida year-round, and even more birds are here during the winter as the migrate from the north to Florida and beyond. You can find out more at Disney’s Animal Kingdom on May 12 as we celebrate International Migratory Bird Day.
  • We can help birds and other wildlife by observing them from a safe distance and not feeding them “human” food, which is unhealthy for them.

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  4. Cool! Where is the list? I am spending a week there in Feb with my kids and I will need my bird fix. Do you have a birding disney brochure or checklist? Where are the good areas (or birds)?

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