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Brazil a replacement for Euro-Tourism?

Brazil guys

Anyone else noticing a lot more Brazilian tourists at Walt Disney World these days? We certainly have. There’s a good reason for that, not only has the economy of Brazil stabilized producing more disposable income, but the volume of European tourists is down as their economy slowly crumbles. The in-balance makes the South American tourists stand out even more. Disney World has even gone as far as hiring 50 ‘Super Greeters’ to help these tour groups make their way into the parks smoothly.

A spokesman for Disney World said 2011 has been “one of our best-ever years for Brazilian attendance and resort-hotel room-nights.”

According to official figures, between 350,000 and 400,000 Brazilians visited Central Florida in 2010.

With the 2016 coming to Brazil, expect the volume of tourists from that nation to increase even further. With Europe on the ropes, this should ease Disney’s concerns about weak international travel.

Next up a Brazil pavilion in EPCOT Center, right?

(Via Interpark)