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Before they were Stars, They were Disney Cast Members

The WDW Fan Zone has collected a great list of current day celebrities who got their start as Cast Member at one of Disney’s theme park or cruise ships.

Here are a few of the big names you probably already know,

  • Jennifer Hudson – Actress/Singer – Cast Member Job: Singer on Disney Wonder
  • John Lasseter – Animator – Chief Creative Officer Pixar & Walt Disney Animation Studios – Cast Member Job:  Jungleland Cruise Captain
  • Steve Martin – Actor/Comedian – Cast Member Job: Merlin’s Magic Shop
  • Michelle Pfeiffer – Actress – Cast Member Job: Alice in the Main Street Electrical parade

but there are a few surprises on the list too..

  • Taye Diggs- Actor – Cast Member Job: Performer
  • Terri Garr – Actress – Cast Member Job: Magic Kingdom parade dancer
  • Robin Williams – Actor/Comedian – Cast Member Job: Jungle Cruise Skipper

Go over and read the whole list and help them fill in any blanks they might be missing.