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Magic Kingdom Update – New Fantasyland and more! (Part 1)

I love my walks through the Magic Kingdom. This last Sunday was extra nice. The winter holiday crowds were out in force, but that only makes people watching better. The weather was just on the chilly side of perfect, which suits me fine this time of year. And a lot of changes have transpired since last time we updated from the park. So many, that this is a two part update.

Let’s, as they say, get on with the show:

The Haunted Mansion merchandise cart is gone and walls are up. This is likely the start of the new landscaping and path to Fantasyland that will be built as part of the new restrooms at the old Skyway location.

Over at the old Skyway location, hard to tell if more work has been done. Doesn’t look like it. But it is the last Christmas these particular decorations will be hung. I wouldn’t mind having them for my home.

The full tarp is up around Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel. Gives riders a new experience inside.

Click for larger. The first section of the new Fantasyland castle wall is coming along nicely.

Here’s a little more detail. You can also see how heavily wooded the area is shaping up to be.

I’m hoping there will be some more rockwork or something to hide the showbuilding that is plainly obvious from anywhere between Peter Pan and the carrousel.

Click for larger. This is a happy sight. The top is on the new Dumbo spinner. Also, more work has been done on the Great Goofini load and unload station.

Click to embiggen. Some fancy scaffolding work is helping shape up the Circus Tent theme for the Dumbo interactive queue area.

Here’s a closer look at the Goofini track and a little bit of structure at the top of the main lift.

Work is also going on behind the storage barn for the Great Goofini. Not sure what’s going in here

The two original temporary tents have been expanded with more infrastructure. Not sure if this is related to hurricane rating for permanent buildings, but they laid some serious foundations, so I would think so. The new tents will appear much bigger than the old Toon Town Fair ones.

Work continues on the Storybook Circus train station. I have a feeling this will be my favorite building of the new land.

Look at the great detail here. I love it.

Scaffolding has gone back up around Prince Eric’s castle for more detail work.

And the rock work that was added a few weeks ago has been sprayed with cement (or whatever they use). We’ll keep an eye on this.

Alright. Plenty more to cover in Part 2; including more new Fantasyland, Updates to the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, and more. See you real soon!

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  5. I really like these pictures for a couple of reasons: the person who took them is a very talented photographer, I feel like i was there when i see the pictures, and the pictures told me a good story about the progress that’s being done.

    I really wish they would put Rapunzel’s castle and Maleficent’s castle in there too and I wish that they could somehow magically redo Cinderella’s castle so it was big and had the things they are putting into the Shanghai Disney castle. But I know that is impossible.

    Thank you for such detailed reporting. For those of us who can only afford to go to Florida once every five years or so, I really love feeling like their is this on the ground source to find out the scoop!

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