Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Roller Coaster On Ride POV Video

The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster attraction at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is one of the true modern classics. It bridges the best whimsy and detail of classic Imagineering with the talents and technology of the modern era. Now that I have a nicer camera, I’m working on getting some Point of View videos and for those reasons BTMR made a great next target.

As with my Expedition Everest POV Video, I’m trying to do something a little different. Rather than just keep a forward facing view, I’m showing you what I look at when I’m on the ride. I think it gives a more complete example of what guests experience. Let me know if you like it.

7 thoughts on “Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Roller Coaster On Ride POV Video

  1. jr

    Good video.

    Just a note. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – Closed For Refurbishment [ Monday, January 09 – Sunday, May 27 ]

  2. Nancy

    I am mixed. I liked your footage, but I think it lost something not looking ahead.
    Maybe I’ll have to look at both versions. I give you big kudo’s for being able to hold a camera that steady, and not screaming like I do!

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