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Universal Orlando Permanently Changes Dragon Challenge Roller Coaster After Injuries

Universal Orlando has permanently changed the nature of one of its most popular attractions after a pair of guest injuries on the roller coaster. Dragon Challenge, formerly Dueling Dragons, will never duel again. Instead it will become a chase with cars being dispatched so that they no longer pass close to each other.

The two trains of the coaster used to pass close to each other several times, including one moment when there was just a few feet between the feet of passengers. It was at this moment when flying objects injured passengers on the attraction. After the second reported major injury, Universal announced the attraction, a key part of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter area at Islands of Adventure, would change their dispatch procedure during the course of the internal investigation.

With the investigation completed, that change has now been made permanent.

There is, of course, a lawsuit and it will be interesting to see if Universal decides to settle in order to keep details of its investigation out of the public. What do you think of the changes? Does it make you feel safer?

More on the nature of the injuries and the lawsuit at the Orlando Sentinel.

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