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Man injured on Dragon Challenge Roller Coaster at Universal Orlando Islands of Adventure park

Earlier today a man riding in the front row of the Dragon Challenge Roller Coaster at Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure theme park was injured and possibly blinded, when an object hit him in the head as he rode the dueling roller coaster attraction. This coaster is part of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but is an original attraction to the park, previously called ‘Dueling Dragons.’

The injured man reported that the accident occurred when the cars on two separate tracks were veering toward each other. But this does not necessarily mean the item flew off the other coaster train (or out of a passenger’s grip or pocket). If you recall the Fabio incident, it’s also possible that a bird strike is the culprit. Whatever the cause, Universal deemed the ride safe and re-opened it a few hours later.

The saddest part of this story is the man already had problems with his vision before the incident and may now have lost use of his good eye. Universal Orlando says they’re doing everything they can for the man and his family.

In 2009 an employee was struck by a moving vehicle while doing a routine inspection of Dueling Dragons. However, Universal says no injury like this head injury has happened on the attraction since it opened in 1999.

(Via ClickOrlando)

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