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Second Injury on Dragon Challenge forces Universal to Change Ride

The second injury from flying objects on the Dragon Challenge roller coaster at Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure Wizarding World of Harry Potter in two weeks has forced changes to the attraction. The two coaster trains used to be released near simultaneously so the riders would get the extra special thrill of two ‘perilously’ close encounters with the opposing train during the rides loops and twists. Dispatch will now be staggered to separate the trains and reduce the opportunity for items to fly off one train and hit a passenger on the other.

Although Universal says they still don’t know what object struck the two passengers, they’re making these changes out of an abundance of caution. I totally understand that, but will miss that extra thrill of seeing a coaster train pass so close that you can feel the rush of air.

It’s weird that nothing like this is reported for 12 years, but now it happens twice in two weeks. Coincidence or flaw in the attraction? What do you think?

More at Click Orlando.

18 thoughts on “Second Injury on Dragon Challenge forces Universal to Change Ride”

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  3. I think its some rebellious teenagers that think its funning to release objects and try and hit the opposing coaster. I’ve been on the ride dozens of times and passing close by the other dragon is one of the best parts. I’m sad to see them making this change.

  4. I’m all for safety and everything, but isn’t half the point of this attraction the “dueling”? Can Universal not put up some netting or something, instead of potentially ruining the only really remarkable thing about these coasters – which have provided millions of rides safely over the past 12+ years.

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