Art of Animation Family Suites Unveiled

We’ve been drooling over the concept art and watching construction of the Art of Animation Resort for a long time. Now, thanks to the Disney Parks blog, we get to see some interior rooms for the first time. The Art of Animation resort is first non-DVC resort to open at Walt Disney World in a long time, so excitement is understandable.

These pictures all depict what Disney is calling its ‘Family Suites’. Basically one bedroom suites with a special area that features a table (for eating and activities) that is also Murphy bed for two (small) kids. Add that to a pull-out couch and you’ve got sleeping area for 6. A nice option for larger families, or those who wish to travel with three generations.

I’m a bit taken back by how stark some of these designs are. It might just be the angle of the photography, but other than a wall decoration or two, there’s not a lot going on in the rooms. I guess I’m spoiled by some of the more themed rooms they’re building at the moderate resorts and at Disneyland. These seem skeleton in comparison. But then again, they do have a small kitchenette, which will help with expenses.

You can actually book these rooms already. If you have booked at Art of Animation or are thinking about it, I’d love to hear about your reasoning for doing so in the comments.

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  1. We normally travel with at least one set of grandparents in addition to our family of 4. And while our girls are younger and still napping, needing special food, etc, we like staying in the Family Suites at All-Star Music. These are DEFINITELY a step up! We were considering Port Orleans for our next trip but I think I might be swayed to stay here after seeing the pictures!

  2. We’ve got a Nemo suite booked for June 2012. We thought it was the best option for our family of five plus Grandpa. It’s the 1st time my three kiddos will be visiting WDW.

  3. There’s “not a lot going on” in the rooms?? Are you nuts?? I’m getting a headache just from looking at the carpet in that Nemo room.

    I do agree that something seems off with these pictures. They were obviously taken with the intention of using a much smaller scaled version in brochures and on Disney’s website. This is probably why the perspective and color seems kind of “off.”

    I certainly hope the colors look a bit tamer in person because, seriously, I’m getting a headache looking at these.

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  5. I love the bright colors of these. I think they look modern, not under-themed. I’m also very unlikely to ever book one of these rooms because I have yet to travel to Disney World where this sort of room arrangement would be helpful.

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  11. I think the pics might look off because they seem to be shot with a very wide angle lens to make the rooms look bigger

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