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Tokyo DisneySea – Big Band Beat

We frequently highlighted Disney performer Jarrod Lentz’s tweets from Japan during the days and weeks after the quake that closed Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland. Lentz was one of Disney’s stateside performers who was rehearsing for a show at TDS when the quake struck. A video of the final number with Lentz in it is now up.

Boy that Mickey Mouse sure can do it all, can’t he. Plus listen to the applause. They really love The Mouse in Japan. I would totally love a show like this in the states, but I just can’t see the rest of the audience digging it quite as much. What about you?

9 thoughts on “Tokyo DisneySea – Big Band Beat”

  1. While all of the shows at Tokyo Disney Sea are spectacular and wonderful to see multiple times, Big Band Beat is my absolute favorite. [I feel the opposite about every state side show.] Since I discovered BBB I’ve had to go every time I could (which can be tough because tickets must be obtained early). I just wanted to add it speaks to the quality of the show that they have not altered it at all for television. I also wanted to mention that while the clapping is particularly loud on this performance (probably due to the television people) the Japanese are big on social cues and probably would clap for anything (out of politeness to the performers). I’m not trying to detract from BBB’s popularity it is certainly the most popular Tokyo Disney Show and has been running for at least five years. If anyone is interested I’d recommend looking up the other numbers in the show, my favorite is All of Me :)

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  7. Thank you so much for posting this vid. Jarrod Lentz is my son and this is the first time I’ve gottn to see him in this show. I will probably not be able to visit him in Japan until 2012 sometime.Its means so much to me. Roger Lentz

  8. Wow!! Hi I’m Brenden, the second tapper to enter from stage right tumbling.

    This looks GREAT!! Its not often we get a chance to see the show since no videos or pictures are allowed during the performance. I also sent Jarrod the link to this and he appreciates the shout out! =D

    thanks again,
    Brenden Winkfield of BBB

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