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Steampunk Disney Princesses

Steampunk Belle

I love Steampunk and I really love Disney, so when Karen Hallion combined the two into a series of portraits she had my full attention. Hallion plan’s on doing a series of 12 Steampunk Disney girls, then move on to a series of Steampunk Villians. She tells me that next up is Steampunk Tinkerbell.

Steampunk Jessica Rabbit

Two more great steampunk princesses below the jump:

You can find more of these great steampunk princess illustrations, with some of them available as t-shirts and stickers, on her tumblr blog.

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13 thoughts on “Steampunk Disney Princesses”

  1. Oooooh I’m excited to see them all! Is it just me or do you think Snow White wasn’t quite right. Not my personal favorite.

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  8. I’m not really into the whole steampunk fad that’s seemed to have cropped up in recent years but I think conceptually these are very cool.

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