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Central Florida Steampunk Assoc. at Downtown Disney

That post about Disney Princesses done Steampunk style reminded me of a photo I snapped the evening of April 2nd. That was the night that the Central Florida Steampunk Association set upon Downtown Disney in Orlando, Fl to show off their amazing costumes and take a few pictures posted in front of the Adventurer’s Club.

If right now you’re saying to yourself, that looks like all sorts of fun, then you’ll be happy to know they have a fun and active Facebook group you can join. If you want to see more photos of the April 2nd evening, you’ll have to visit the archived group. If I had time to add one more hobby, I would so totally be there.

I think I see a great tie-in here between The Adventurer’s Club and Disney’s under appreciated feature animated film “Atlantis”… can we please bring back the Adventurer’s Club? Even if just as a Steampunk playground.