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Driver in Yesterday’s Bus Accident had been reported by guests

A Disboards community member thought the name of the driver who was cited in yesterday’s accident was familiar. Turns out she reported him for reckless driving last summer. I’ll quote a small bit of her comment here,

We had a driver named Fred. He was driving so fast he ramped 3 curbs even after people told him to slow down. One time he ramped one a kids head nailed the window and he started crying and screaming. He took off at one point and shut the door when people were standing up trying to exit the bus and they almost all fell over like dominos. At this point Tim and another guys said “hey, DUDE, you have people trying to get off back here and you’re taking off and they are falling down, open your eyes!” To which he said “You want to drive the bus buddy!!!”

It gets worse from there. The rest is available at Disboards. The did report the driver to the front desk of their hotel. Obviously, one report isn’t enough to get a driver fired with a union grievance system in place, but we don’t know how many other guests have filed complaints. Disney should know and it will be interesting to hear that side of the story should this go to court.

2 thoughts on “Driver in Yesterday’s Bus Accident had been reported by guests”

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  2. Unfortunately this is going to probably cause Disney to pull out the checkbook with the kid that was hit.

    Because if they couldn’t even get a careless driver off the road before an accident occurred, then perhaps Disney’s procedures are to blame. “Drove too close to the sidewalk” “Failed to exercise due caution when kids were obviously present – if driver failed to see kids driver was driving carelessly”

    Why didn’t WDW learn from DL 10 years ago???

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