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Construction Update from EPCOT

Took a walk through EPCOT yesterday and got some new shots of the construction that is underway of the two new eateries, plus the finished new store in China that I reported on last week (with concept art for the restaurants).

There is nothing new to see on the Italian Pizzeria, from the front at least. It’s still covered in a tarp reminiscent of a Tuscan landscape. But from the side, you’ll see that vertical construction is just about finished. Just some exterior work to complete.

There is visible progress on the new Cantina coming to EPCOT’s water front. Hints of the mission style architecture are now visible above the tarps and the exterior deck seating is coming along nicely.

Here’s a better view of the pier dining. This is going to be quite the place for viewing Illuminations. When the smoke is blowing in the opposite direction, at least.

The Good Fortune shop has opened in China. It’s on the water side, which would normally bother me, but in this case it’s carefully placed near one of those big rocks that blocked the fireworks view anyway. So not much is lost. Hopefully this ends the trend of buildings near the water.

I don’t know if they’re finished with the building yet. This undecorated side is visible a long ways away on the walk around World Showcase. Perhaps some props and banners would break up the plain look we see here.

The utilities support unit you see here is right out in plain sight of every guest with dials that are quite reachable. They have planted bushes that will cover it from the waterside, but nothing appears to be in place for the side guests can see. They really need to cover this up.

Well that’s it for our little tour. More photos from Saturdays two events coming later.

3 thoughts on “Construction Update from EPCOT”

  1. 2 of my favourite things in Epcot being updated sounds like excellent news. The shop in China is wonderful with some amazing stuff and I often spend hours browsing (and buying!!) in here so cannot wait to see the new one. My favourite restuarant in Epcot is in Mexico so I will most certainly be booking an outside table next year to enjoy my favourite food whilst watching the Illuminations (in my opinion the best fireworks display in Orlando)

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