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String of Transportation Accidents continues at WDW

Can we please stop with the WDW transportation accidents. We’ve had monorail troubles, bus problems ranging from crashes to old GPS transponders being mistaken for a bomb, and even a cast member being struck by a car from the Tomorrowland Speedway. I’m afraid to ask that they bring back the Canoes or Keel boats for fear of a shark attack.

Earlier today there was a rear-end collision when a Disney bus did not stop at a street light in time and struck the vehicle in front of them, which then collided with the car in front of them. Your standard everyday fender bender, but made more dangerous by the huge multi-ton bus.

Early reports stated that the Disney bus driver was 81 years old. That was later revised to 80 years old. I don’t blame anyone who wants or needs to work for taking the best available job for them. And I’m trusting that Disney has all their ducks in a row with tests and physicals they say they put their drivers through (although I’m sure someone is double-checking those ducks right now).

My question is why would someone 80 years old be required to work for food and shelter. We need to take better care of our elders here in the US. I don’t know this driver’s particular circumstances and don’t think The Disney Blog is the place to discuss or solve this particular problem. But it does strike me as very odd.

Thankfully no one was injured badly in the accident (although I’m sure there is some soreness). Also thankfully none of the string of bus accidents appear to be due to mechanical failure or other maintenance issues. So what is the cause?

I can think of a number of what I call contributing factors:  employees under stress (either economic or over worked), a change in schedule or routine, bad weather, distractions for the driver by guests or mobile devices, or health related matters could all be a factor in any accident. What Disney can do about any of these is a question.

I do hope Disney is doing some investigation of their own into the cause. If they are, they need to come out and announce they’ve launched a study on improving safety in their Transportation System. Perhaps there is some new technology, like proximity radar, that will help. But at this point the public needs to be reassured that Disney is getting to the bottom of this and they’re going to put a stop to it. Disney’s public image is changing away from a safe place to have a family vacation to one where the real world all too often intrudes, they have to get infront of that one now.

What steps do you suggest Disney take?

(via the Orlando Sentinel)