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August 2008

High Resolution Disney Dream Portrait Photos Moved

A housekeeping note: I am pleased that so many guests of The Disney Blog are enjoying the Annie Leibovitz “Disney Dream Portrait Series” photos. I’ve been checking my numbers and it turns out that those posts account for a large portion of my bandwidth costs… Read More »High Resolution Disney Dream Portrait Photos Moved

Muppets on TV tonight!

Don’t forget “Studio DC: Almost Live” airs tonight, August 3rd 8/7 c, on the Disney Channel. This marks a renewed attempt to bring the much missed Muppets back to a regular spot on television. Big numbers tonight will no doubt help, so do you part and watch!

Check below the cut for some promos and clips:
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Sunday Disney News Links

LAist has a great article that looks at the history of ticket prices at Disneyland. The increase in the last four years has been more than $20. Michael Barrier has some additional information about the Petrified Tree Stump that Walt Disney gave to Lilian for… Read More »Sunday Disney News Links

Harry Potter Trailer, Book, and Themepark News

When “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” opens at Universal Studios Orlando’s Islands Of Adventure it will be the biggest draw yet for a non-Disney attraction. The concept art above is the just announced restaurant for the land, “The Three Broomsticks”, which can be found… Read More »Harry Potter Trailer, Book, and Themepark News

Disney Themeparks raise Ticket Prices

The Walt Disney Company has announced it is raising one-day ticket prices at its domestic parks starting Sunday. This change had been rumored online for almost a week now, so I hope you took advantage and ordered your tickets for future vacations already. At Walt… Read More »Disney Themeparks raise Ticket Prices

Disney’s Animal Programs improves Elephant Population Control

Back in April I wrote about Disney’s Animal Programs important work on Elephant vasectomies as part of my coverage of the 10th Anniversary of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Disney has recently announced that the team from Disney’s Animal Programs will be leading an international coalition of… Read More »Disney’s Animal Programs improves Elephant Population Control