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Congratulations to the Team for 9 amazing years

Although August 1st 1999, 9 years ago today, is the day the folks at choose to celebrate as their official ‘launch day’, the hard work that went into the site started long before that. grew out of Doobie’s twin projects, first, a listing of all the Window’s on Main Street honors at Disneyland and second, an attempt to create a directory for all the Disney related websites out there.

This May 1999 version of from the Internet Archive shows that effort. At the time there were 196 websites that devoted part of themselves to things Disney. Today there are thousands., which only tracks a small corner of the web, counts over 1500. Back in 1999 was the best of them all, and that remains just as true today.

A huge thank you goes out to Doobie and Rebekah for all their hard work in making it so.

1 thought on “Congratulations to the Team for 9 amazing years”

  1. I LOVE!!

    I’ve been registered there since April 2007…and I’ve met some of my best friends there!

    Congrats to Doobekah!! Keep up the amazing work!

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