Disneyland to add Disney Characters to Its A Small World – confirmed

The LA Times reports that Walt Disney Imagineering has confirmed that there will be changes at Disneyland’s It’s A Small World attraction. It sounds like the main addition will be Disney characters stylized and themed to each ‘land’ of the ride. Alice in Wonderland in the UK section, Aladdin in the Arabia section, etc.

An Imagineer official is quoted as saying the changes will “respect and honor the original creative intent” of Blair’s iconic work while adding “new richness, excitement and relevance.” Those two statements are mutually exclusive since the original intent did not involve Disney characters. It’s supposed to be about world unity not brand. It’s supposed to be about youthful hope and wonder not about selling another plush figure. About providing quality show, not following the results of some survey saying guests want to see more Disney characters. Even if they do, they certainly don’t mean in every blessed attraction.

I ran a quick Twitter Poll and 100% of the respondents agreed that Disneyland is Goofy for wanting to add Disney characters, stylized or not, to the classic children in It’s A Small World. If you agree, I think that since we have official confirmation, now is the time to send a written letter to Disneyland Guest Relations and let them know your displeasure. Be polite but firm in your message that making this change will make you think twice about future plans to attend the park.

Disneyland Guest Communications
1313 Harbor Boulevard
Post Office Box 3232
Anaheim, CA 92803

Written letters are what will make the difference in stopping this tragic destruction of artist Mary Blair and visionary Walt Disney’s original vision.

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