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Wednesday Night Roundup – Go Fish

  • The Children’s Place has filed for bankruptcy. Well sort of, the subsidiary that holds the Disney Store license Did. The negotiations with the Walt Disney Company to repatriate The Disney Stores from The Children’s Place are still on going. This could complicate matters a bit as the court is now likely to get involved during the restructuring.
  • has learned that Imagineer Joe Rohde will be giving a talk on April 22nd at the 10th Anniversary Celebration for Disney’s Animal Kingdom. If you see me say hi.
  • Proof that California Adventure’s version of Toy Story Mania will indeed be called Toy Story Midway Mania.
  • Ray explores two Disney fan podcasts for those moments when you want to put your headspace in the theme parks, mentally at least. Good for code monkeys, Ray says. Offer not valid if your a Rhesus Monkey or Space Monkeys on alternate Tuesdays.
  • Goofylol Disney World has released a series of pins that feature txtspeak for instance, LOL, CUL8R, and BFF. Too funny. Perfect for identifying your inner Disney-Geek
  • Jennifer has photos of Disney Cosplayers at Anime Boston 2008. That Davy Jones costume is amazing.
  • Hallmark Channel has bought the rights to 99 classic Disney films. Most of these are baby boomer favorites like: "The Shaggy Dog," "Flubber," "Old Yeller," "The
    Parent Trap," "The Incredible Journey," "The Princess Diaries," "Freaky
    Friday," "The Santa Clause," "Bedknobs and Broomsticks," "That Darn
    Cat," "The Love Bug," "The Shaggy Dog," "Babes in
    Toyland," "The Cat from Outer Space," "Gus," "Return to Snowy River,"
    "Snowball Express," "White Fang," "The Apple Dumpling Gang" and "Swiss
    Family Robinson." This is exactly the sort of fare that helped make The Disney Channel a success. It’s a shame Disney can’t find some venue of their own to showcase these.

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  1. The title is kind of misleading. Children’s Place didn’t file for bankruptcy. The subsidiary holding company which ran the Disney Store filed for bankruptcy protection.

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