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Home Video of Disneyland from 1968

Put on your time traveling shoes for these scenes from Disneyland in 1968. Here’s a fun home movie shot by Robert E. Lorey.

This was right after Tomorrowland 1967 opened so it was nice to see those glimpses. I loved that scene with the Disneyland Band and Pluto and Goofy too. Thanks Robert for putting this up on YouTube for everyone to enjoy.

1 thought on “Home Video of Disneyland from 1968”

  1. Wow, what a great time capsule! So cool to see the Rocket Jets and the DLH with its big sign. Funny how so much of Disneyland looks exactly the same, but with bigger trees.

    I snagged 100 reels of 8mm film from my grandmother and had it all transferred to DVD in hopes there’d be some Disneyland gems in there. Alas, I got a total of about 20 seconds, and it was all shots that look the same today.

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