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Dancing with the Stars – Results

So, here we are with the first results of the season.  Shall we get to it?

They promised us they would start the elimination right at the start of the show.  They were wrong.  After a recap of last night, we got an encore dance, something I forgot to predict.  They chose Jason and Edyta’s Mambo for the encore.  Frankly, it was one that was on my radar when I thought about it earlier today.  And it was a fun dance to watch again.

So it was about 10 minutes in before they started telling us which couples were saved.  They did the men in the first half hour before moving on to the women.  So I will do it in that order as well.

Last Two Men:
Cristian de la Feunta & Cheryl Burke
Penn Jillette & Kym Johnson

Just to throw me off, these aren’t necessarily the two men in the bottom.  Which makes any commentary from me irrelevant.

No real surprise when it came time for the actual elimination.  Penn
was the man eliminated from the competition.  He was fun, and I will
miss that.  But he was the weakest dancer.  Not by far, so Steve and
Adam had better really step it up or be prepared to be cut soon.

While I’ve made it no secret that I don’t watch all of the results
show, I will stop the fast forward if something does catch my
interest.  And the number done by the Cirque de Soleil group certainly
caught my eye.  I would call it more dance acrobatics then pure dance,
but that’s just me being nit picky.  It was absolutely wonderful to
watch.  Elegant and amazing at the same time.

Last Two Women:
Marissa Jaret Winokur & Tony Dovolani
Monica Seles & Jonathan Roberts

Again, anything on these two being in the bottom is irrelevant from
me.  Although they are the two I thought would be in the bottom.

So I was 100% accurate in both my predictions this week.  I am sorry
to see Monica go because she was enjoying it so much.  But again, she
was a weak dancer, so it’s hardly a surprise.

The remaining 10 stars will be back to dance next week.  The dances
will be the Jive and Tango, two of my favorites.  So I will be looking
forward to sharing that with you.  See you Monday.