Halloween @ DLR

For years I’ve wished that Disneyland/DLR would have the sort of Halloween excitement that is available at WDW.  I was going to come on here and cry, "Eureka! We’ve finally got it!" and then I saw the photos in the post below from Paris, and I still feel slighted. 

However, it was fun.  The claims that Disneyland Resort made regarding the new vigor with which they tackled the haunting holiday were mostly on target, although the comparisons to Christmas spirit fell a bit short.

That said, Christmas was apparently waiting in the wings and started rolling out shortly after the gates closed on October.  November 1st greeted us with candy canes where once were candy corn.  The season will become official on Nov. 10th.

Also, there are two new attractions at Disneyland, a Jedi training activity and a Princess Fairy Festival, both being added as part of the "Million Dreams" campaign.  Speaking of which, we won a "Dream Fast Pass" that allowed us entry onto a handful of rides at both parks.  Unfortunately, almost all were rides too big for the kids.  Still, it’s cool to win!

More photos after the break.


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