7 questions with LaughingPlace.com

LaughingPlace.com has just completed a redesign of their excellent Disney fan site. This new look makes it much easier to access whatever information your looking for. Since LaughingPlace.com covers more of the Walt Disney Company than any other Disney fan site, so there’s a ton of great information to be found. Movies, theme parks, television, books, history, games, collectibles and more are covered by the site. LaughingPlace.com also has it’s own print magazine called ‘Tales From the LaughingPlace‘ that goes beyond the website with indepth looks at all aspects of the company.

If you’ve never visited LaughingPlace.com, here are 7 questions with its owner and editor Doobie Moseley to help you get better acquainted.

1) Which is your favorite Disney Theme park?
Epcot. Unless it’s MGM or Animal Kingdom. Actually, #1 would really be The Disney Magic if that counts as a park.

2) Favorite Walt Disney era film?
Snow White
3) Favorite modern-era (Little Mermaid on) film?
The Little Mermaid
4) Favorite ABC TV Show?
LOST (starts in 25 minutes)
5) Churros or Popcorn?
Come on – churros
6) What’s your favorite Disney memory?

Proposing to Rebekah on Disneyland’s Main Street.

7) What makes LaughingPlace.com different from other Disney fan sites?
Our domain name. No really – we’ve been around a long time and that alone sets us apart from many others. We have lots of pictures and videos. Lots of different viewpoints (approximately than 100 people have written articles for our site). Lots of event coverage. We try to be thorough and we try to be consistant. I think we’ve succeeded for the most part. We also have a wonderful community on our discussion boards.

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