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Toy Story 3 – Disney’s Circle Seven Version

Think back to the days when there was a real possibility that Pixar would leave the Disney family due to bad feelings created when executives at Disney attempted to push the boys from Emeryville around. It was pretty touch and … Continue reading

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Tangled bests all new films at Box Office, fails to beat Harry Potter

It’s not just Disney’s theme parks that are struggling with competition from the wizard kid Harry Potter. Despite pulling in over $69 million in Holiday weekend box office cash, Tangled failed to overcome part one of Harry Potter’s final film. … Continue reading

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Don’t bury Fairy Tales at Disney just yet

Yesterday the LA Times had a front page story that reported Disney Animation is closing the book on fairy tales. I immediately thought that this was either an over-reaction by the reporter or a purposeful statement by Disney to set … Continue reading

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Disney offering Tangled Perks for Klout

Klout is a measure of one’s online influence measured by Twitter and Facebook interaction. Some companies (like Starbucks or Virgin America) have begun to use Klout to determine who should or shouldn’t be getting special perks at their establishment (like … Continue reading

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‘Tangled’ is Fun, But Could Have Been Better

Tangled, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ adaptation of the classic fairy tale Rapunzel, opens in theatres on November 24. It is Disney’s 50th animated feature. Tangled has as much ‘heart’ and adventure as Pixar’s latest release, Toy Story 3. One of … Continue reading

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