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Universal Studios Hollywood Announces Ambitious 5-Year Plan

The relationship between the two domestic Universal theme parks was a rocky one for a long time. They were pretty much left to go their own ways. It’s only since Comcast purchased NBC/Universal that the Hollywood and Orlando are getting … Continue reading

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Univeral Studios Hollywood Will Go Forward With Expansion, Harry Potter

I spent most of the 90s visiting Universal Studios Hollywood almost every month. In doing so, I really got to know the tightly packed acreage that made up Southern California’s second most popular themepark. It’s taken some doing, but they’ve … Continue reading

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Universal Studios Hollywood Modifies Expansion Plan, Again

Universal Studios Hollywood has had an on again, off again plan to do something with the unused portions of its property since at least 2006. (Actually, it goes back even further than that with a plan to house a giant … Continue reading

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Universal Parks Join in Company’s 100th Anniversary Celebration

As a kid, my trips to Southern California always included quality time with family and almost always a trip to Disneyland. But I also looked forward to our visits to Universal Studios Hollywood. Something about the earnest way in which … Continue reading

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How should Universal Maximize Harry Potter Potential

A few years ago you could fire a cannon down any pathway in Islands of Adventure and have little risk of hitting a soul. But a big change swept into the park and with it a ton more visitors, all … Continue reading

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