• Monorail Incident and New Train Color Rumor
    Monorail Incident and New Train Color Rumor

    I received an email report on an incident on the EPCOT monorail line last weekend. No one was reported injured, but it certainly sounds like some hair-raising moments. My sister and I were riding the monorail with my two nieces, who were on a stroller. It was around 9pm when…

  • Las Vegas Monorail Woes
    Las Vegas Monorail Woes

    The Las Vegas monorail, which at one time used old Walt Disney World trains, has run into some financial troubles. That’s to be expected with the slowdown of tourism in the town. The bankruptcy will put a stop to the planned expansion of the line to the airport and other…

  • The Monorail Troubles
    The Monorail Troubles

    I’m getting a lot of reports about the troubles Disney had with the Magic Kingdom monorail system this weekend. Turns out the worst was some inconvenience for guests that Disney could have handled better. However, they’re really playing with fire. I have a report from someone who is very familiar…

  • Video of a freshly painted Monorail Teal
    Video of a freshly painted Monorail Teal

    Monorail Teal was spotted parked outside the maintenance bay sporting a Teal color strip. Looks almost ready to return to service. Having one more train on the beam will certainly help when the holiday crowds arrive. Previously: Monorail Teal testing at Walt Disney World.

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