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What affect will High Speed Rail have on Walt Disney World?

Disney’s Magical Express will celebrate it’s 10 millionth passenger today. The family gets a private coach and a gift basket from the mouse. That’s a pretty huge chunk of visitors coming to Walt Disney World, but it’s still a fraction of the 100+ million visitors to WDW in since 2005.

The reason Disney is excited about High Speed Rail is that it will eventually reach down to Miami and beyond the borders of Florida to bring guests to the resort without their cars, just like Disney’s Magical Express does now for those landing at the airport.

The first leg of Florida’s High Speed Rail leg is set to open in 2014. So far there doesn’t seem to be much public commitment from Disney besides their willingness to donate land worth $25 million for a station. But again, I think that’s a huge thing and the numbers show Disney will do their part to greet these guests appropriately.

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