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Toy Story 3 toys hit the shelves

Got a report from the field that new Toy Story 3 toys have made it to the shelves at Toys R Us. Long time fan Katie sent photos. They do contain spoilers, so I’ll put them below the jump:

More coming soon to Toys R Us stores and their website.

2 thoughts on “Toy Story 3 toys hit the shelves”

  1. I’ve been meaning to pick up some of the lego sets for some time and the new ones will have to be added to my list to get.

    oh, and thank you for the spoiler alert.

  2. I was at a nearby Wal-Mart tonight, perusing the toy aisles, when I ran into a TS3 Chatter Telephone (the character in Sunnyside Daycare who in the trailer says through his phone receiver to Woody “You and your friends ain’t ever gettin’ outta here”) in the Preschool Toys aisle. It had an old-fashioned phone dial for four characters: Buzz, Woody, Rex, and Chatter himself. I turned the dial numerous times for each character, and gleaned quite a bit of information about the TS3 plotline from him (well, at least what happens at Sunnyside).

    *MILD SPOILER HERE* Chatter is a good guy, sort of a vaguely Bogart-like anti-hero fella. I was shocked, having always assumed him to be a sinister villain.

    That’s all I’ll reveal, besides the fact that Chatter says some things in his mean-tinged voice that really aren’t altogether appropriate for the 0-3 year old toy aisle. I figured they just put him there because he was a Fisher-Price toy, so I grabbed the two Chatters and their price tag and moved them to the area where the rest of the TS3 toys were. Unfortunately, I must have been caught on camera and noticed, because not 10 minutes later a lady came and moved the Chatters back. They’re definitely making a mistake in putting Chatter in the 0-3 year old toy aisle; while not a villain, he’s hardly an innocent guy. He’s world-weary, angry, and cynical. He should be in the TS3 aisle where parents will know what they are buying, instead of in an aisle where parents will just pick him up because he’s a cute little phone toy.

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