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Disney World limits Bus Drivers use of Computer Dispatch System

Over the last 18 months or so while Disney World has been getting all sorts of bad press for incidents related to the transportation system, the one constant complaint I have heard is that bus drivers don’t like the Magic In Motion computer dispatch system. They say it often doesn’t work, is distracting to drivers, and makes drivers work irregular routes.

Disney World is not admitting that anything is wrong wit MiM, but they are issuing new guidelines for its use that will supposedly address some of the complaints.

late last week, Disney issued written guidelines to its drivers outlining specific points at which they should radio dispatchers and enter route codes. Drivers returning to the Magic Kingdom, for instance, are instructed to enter their codes only while stopped at the parking-lot toll plaza, at one of two traffic signals, or at their assigned load zone.

That’s definitely a step in the right direction. Drivers should be free to concentrate on the road and any hazards they may encounter there. Having to think about their next route before completing their first one is an unneeded distraction.

(Via the Orlando Sentinel)