SeatBelts. Is it time to add them to Disney’s Bus System?

With word coming in today from Arizona of another serious injury from the bus accident earlier this week, it might be time to look at providing seat belts for the Walt Disney World Resort’s younger patrons.

The five year old child who was a passenger was examined at the hospital after the accident for a head injury, but no one x-rayed the pelvis. After the child continued to complain of pain, the re-did the examination and it was found his pelvis was broken in two places.

Sheriff and passenger reports indicate the Disney bus never slowed down before it hit the parked tour bus. One minute everyone was in their seats and the next they were piled on the floor on top of each other. I wonder, is there some sort of device that would keep guests in their seats when a bus stops suddenly?

Turns out there is. More school districts are considering adding seatbelts to school buses. Disney even requires seatbelts on its Autopia cars, and those only go 7 mph. If Disney added seatbelts to its transportation fleet, at least parents would have an option for safety. Unlike the situation today.

Is it time for Disney to give families this option? What do you think.