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  • New Iron Man 3 Trailer & Poster
    New Iron Man 3 Trailer & Poster

    The latest trailer for Iron Man 3 has hit the interwebz. I saw it the other day infront of the press screening for Oz The Great and Powerful where the audience actually cheered throughout the trailer. Tony Start is definitely dealing with some personal issues. But it looks like there’s…

  • Iron Man 3 Trailer
    Ireon Man 3

    Also viewable on Apple’s trailer site. That’s the UK trailer above, which has April 2013 as the opening date, the US trailer maintains it will have a May 2013 opening. Sooner is better in my book. My initial thoughts are that Tony Stark is pulling a bit of a Bruce…

  • Marvel begins production on Iron Man 3
    Marvel begins production on Iron Man 3

    Marvel Studios posted the first picture from the set of Iron Man 3 this morning. It’s a tantalizing shot of Tony Stark standing in front of a collection of various suits of armor previously designed and worn by the billionaire genius playboy philanthropist super hero. The full press release is…

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