• Walt Disney Company Reports 3rd Quarter Profit
    Walt Disney Company Reports 3rd Quarter Profit

    If you haven’t noticed already it’s earnings day in the world of Disney. Euro Disney SCA and Tokyo Disneyland just came out with their 3rd Quarter earnings reports and this afternoon the Walt Disney Company did too. Even though we’re experiencing economic “turbulent” times, according to CEO Bob Iger, the…

  • Hulu updates deal with Disney Co.
    Hulu updates deal with Disney Co.

    The good news is that Disney shows will continue to be available on Hulu for your viewing pleasure. The bad news is that you’ll have to endure more commercials with them. The details of the deal are murky, but expect your usual 6 to 8 commercials to nearly double. All…

  • Disney Announces 2nd Quarter Results
    Disney Announces 2nd Quarter Results

    Yesterday the Walt Disney Company announced its second quarter profit report. (FYI, DIS FYE is October.) Yeah, profit declined a bit, 1.2%, for the whole company. But all in all revenue is up and expenses should be rising as the company attempts to restart its economy engines as the recession…

  • Should Apple buy Disney?
    Should Apple buy Disney?

    Marketwatch commentator Conor Sen makes an interesting proposal, Steve Jobs should take Apple’s massive cash holdings and purchase The Walt Disney Company. What should it buy? Increasingly, Apple is moving away from computing and toward the intersection of computing, communications, and media delivery. That’s Steve Job’s vision of a post-PC…

  • An Eye on Marvel
    An Eye on Marvel

    Both eyes if I can spare them. Well, things are beginning to slot into place for the growing relationship between Marvel and Disney that began in 2009. The movie contracts are beginning to play out with the end result building strong new franchises for the mouse house. Disney cable has…

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