Iger Cashes In Thanks to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

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The Avengers helped set even more records away from the box-office. Powered by the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Walt Disney Company (DIS on the NYSE) stocks rose to their highest level ever at $45.36 per share. Robert Iger, the CEO of Disney, decided to sell a portion of his stock in the company in order to help his family diversify, which ended up totaling about $81.6 million before taxes.

Even after selling off a portion of his stock, Iger still owns 1.14 million shares, which the company says is 400% more than they require a CEO to own. He has previously stated that he will be stepping down as CEO in 2015 and from Chairman in 2016, after the contracts for those positions expire. At the time of publication, the price for Disney stock was up to $45.17 per share, up roughly 20% from the start of the year.

Do you think Iger is fairly compensated? What sort of projects do you think he’ll use the money for?

3 thoughts on “Iger Cashes In Thanks to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”

  1. Wow, that’s a tough question considering we’re in the age of Occupy Wall Street. I’m not going to share my views on that particular issue, but I will comment on Bob Iger’s compensation. In my opinion, his compensation is fair as long as: (1) His priority is running the Walt Disney Company in a way that allows for Walt Disney’s legacy to live on for generations to come; (2) He sets strategies for the five main business units that will foster growth and innovation; and (3) His leadership results in positive financial growth for investors. His list of accomplishments as CEO is pretty respectable so far, so it could be argued that he is fairly compensated. Great question!

  2. I care less about Iger’s compensation than the pay the workers receive – which is criminally low. Disney can and should pay its workers more. It’s better for them and it’s better for the economy.

  3. The success of a corporation rests on the shoulders of too many people for any executive to receive that kind of compensation.

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