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Daniel Ross

Daniel is a Master's student at Georgia Tech and an avid Disney fan.

Keeping an eye on Beryl

By now, you’ve likely heard about Sub-Tropical Storm Beryl. Right now, most models have agreed on a landfall by Sunday night with tropical storm warnings stretching between Charleston and Daytona Beach. the median being Brunswick, GA. Because of the width of this system, there will… Read More »Keeping an eye on Beryl

Iger Cashes In Thanks to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

Editor: Please welcome new guest author Daniel Ross The Avengers helped set even more records away from the box-office. Powered by the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Walt Disney Company (DIS on the NYSE) stocks rose to their highest level ever at $45.36 per share. Robert Iger,… Read More »Iger Cashes In Thanks to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes