• Could Disney Springs be getting a cupcake ATM?

    Last month we reported on the big announcement that a Sprinkles Cupcake store would be opening in the new revitalized Disney Springs shopping and dining district at Walt Disney World. Now, we’re hearing the store might include a Cupcake ATM. What’s a cupcake ATM? Watch: That’s cool. However, I’m not…

  • The Baking of The Star Wars Cupcake Video
    The Baking of The Star Wars Cupcake Video

    Disney has released a new film that goes behind the magic and presents the making of the Star Wars Weekends viral video released last week. If you don’t recall, it features a Darth Vader cupcake slicing and dicing its way through a dessert case in Disney’s Hollywood Studios bakery. Turns…

  • Animal Kingdom Cupcakes
    Animal Kingdom Cupcakes

    Am touring Disney’s Animal Kingdom with the family today and spotted these delicious looking treats for sale. I love this trend in themed food. Exactly the sort of fun that justifies theme park prices. Take a closer look at the samples. They actually well done paper and clay models. Real…

  • Minnie Mouse cupcakes
    Minnie Mouse cupcakes

    Minnie Mouse cupcakes Originally uploaded by CrazEonCaffeeen Michael made these wonderful Minnie Mouse giant sized cupcakes for his wife’s birthday. Mini Peppermint Patties make the mouse shape and the bows were made out of red and white icing. Also check out the full sized chocolate Minnie Mouse cake Michael made….

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