Animal Kingdom Cupcakes

Am touring Disney’s Animal Kingdom with the family today and spotted these delicious looking treats for sale. I love this trend in themed food. Exactly the sort of fun that justifies theme park prices.


Take a closer look at the samples. They actually well done paper and clay models. Real frosting would melt in the heat, of course.

Price list is below:


Any particular cupcake catch your eye?

2 thoughts on “Animal Kingdom Cupcakes”

  1. Yes their cupcakes are beautiful and yummy but they are not described correctly. I bought a white elephant cupcake for my daughter with the description of a chocolate cream filling, only to find AFTER she bit into it that it has German chocolate filling with nuts. My daughter is allergic to nuts. And I asked at the counter before buying if these had nuts and was told no, they didn’t. So if you have a little one with nut allergies be careful unless you want to break out the Epipen.

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