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New Magic Kingdom Webcam at Walt Disney World

For everyone who wants to know what the weather is like before they head out to Walt Disney World, WeatherBug has been running a web cam pointed at the Magic Kingdom from the top of the Contemporary hotel for at least the last month. Check… Read More »New Magic Kingdom Webcam at Walt Disney World

Tornado Reported Near Disney’s Animal Kingdom today

I spent the morning at the Magic Kingdom. Crowds were light, and early afternoon storms rolled in and drove many to the gates, including us. Must have felt like you owned the park between then and the 7pm start of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.… Read More »Tornado Reported Near Disney’s Animal Kingdom today

Walt Disney World Weather Web Cam

The great little Walt Disney World webcam that sat on the Swan and Dolphin for the 2004 and 2005 hurricanes and let viewers keep an eye on the ‘Epcot’ sign atop Spaceship Earth, appears to be out of commission.; Although their website still links to… Read More »Walt Disney World Weather Web Cam

Hurricane Katrina passes Mickey by

You can never really tell what a hurricane will do, it creates its own weather patterns. But for now, it appears that Katrina is taking a westerly path and will spare Orlando and the Disney World area any real damage. There have been no closures announced and as far as I know, everything remains open… Read More »Hurricane Katrina passes Mickey by

Long Lines at 4AM Disneyland time

I’m not going to track the happenings at Disneyland minute by minute today. If you’re interested in that I recommend visiting But I thought it was interesting that reports have already surfaced about there being 20,000 people in line to get into Disneyland by 3AM Pacific Time. They’ve queued them up inside DCA and… Read More »Long Lines at 4AM Disneyland time

The Life of a Disney World AP

AP stands for Annual Passholder. Barb is one of the APs who loved visiting Walt Disney World so much, they moved here. She has taken up residence in Celebration and keeps track of her experiences on her Celebration Blog, which longtime readers know I’ve linked to before. Her post from yesterday, which Dennis bearing down… Read More »The Life of a Disney World AP

Disney World & Hurricane Dennis

Looks like Disney World and Central Florida’s other attractions will escape the brunt of Hurricane Dennis. We’re officially outside the cone of probability and Dennis is two days away. That said, we’re on its eastern side and the landing zone keeps moving east. Plus storms this size do tend to create their own weather like… Read More »Disney World & Hurricane Dennis