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Tornado Reported Near Disney’s Animal Kingdom today

I spent the morning at the Magic Kingdom. Crowds were light, and early afternoon storms rolled in and drove many to the gates, including us. Must have felt like you owned the park between then and the 7pm start of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

There were some pretty strong squall fronts. So it comes as little surprise that a tornado was spotted in the area. In fact, Old Lake Wilson Road and the 192 Highway is just about a mile from Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Too close if you ask me. Luckily no one was reported injured.

Severe weather is always a possiblity during your Disney vacation. If it occurs please make sure to follow all instructions given by Cast Members and take shelter as necessary.

1 thought on “Tornado Reported Near Disney’s Animal Kingdom today”

  1. Epcot looked crowded before the storms started today but our lunch rush at the Electric Umbrella didn’t even kick in until the rain (which is a late starting time for us). Like MK, many guests didn’t care to battle the weather and Epcot was blissfully empty a large chunk of the day.

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