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Monday Morning Roundup – Disney News

I hope everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving Day Holiday and the ensuing weekend. I enjoyed taking a few days away from the computer and burying my nose in a good book or two. The Twilight Series, that the movie that bested Bolt last weekend is based on, are not meaty by any means, but worth picking up if you like a good romance story colored with some Vampire lore.

  • Twilight Vampires may have ruled last weekend, but Disney’s Bolt was the dog that could the rest of the week besting Twilight and picking up numbers at the box office. That dog has legs (four of them). Here’s hoping they’ll see it through the holidays.
  • If you haven’t yet played around with the LIFE magazine archives that were just released, go and search for for Disney. A lot of photos from the South America trip in 1941 pop up.  The archives are available here:
  • Last week there was a bit of a rumor going around about what changes could be expected at SeaWorld now that InBev has finalized the purchase of Anheuser-Busch. The future of Busch Entertainment and it’s theme parks is still unannounced. I’m sure AB-InBev is taking another look at the numbers now that the sale is final.
  • BlooLoop has an interview with Matt Ouimet, former Disneyland and Disney Cruise Line president, as he reflects on his Disney years.
  • The AP has a story on the Happiest Turkeys on Earth, those being pardoned by outgoing president Bush. Guess where they’re ending up this year?

Finally, I’ve listed a few more Disney collectibles from our personal collection on eBay. We’re very sad to have to part with them, but the extra income will really help right now. I particularly recommend this signed 1999 Lynn Haney Santa and Classic Pooh Figure. It’s a very small edition (25) and was only available at the Disneyland Christmas Merchandise event. Please do take a look and see if anything catches your fancy.