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I Am In Mourning (or Robbing Hood: Pushing Daisies 2.7)

So, it’s true. Pushing Daisies has been canceled. Canceled. I’m so sad. And I guess the news sent me for a loop because I actually forgot to watch our favorite Pie show on Wednesday. What in the world? I mean, it may have had something to do with family from Mexico in town for Thanksgiving AND Christmas on Wednesday night. Or the big Turkey day on Thursday. Whatever the case, I have rectified the situation and am savoring every minute of my latest pie experience. (Plus, I highly doubt any of you were sitting around waiting for my recap on Thanksgiving morning. Right?)

Now, let’s hop right into it, shall we?

Of course, we get our theme for the evening from Young Ned. He becomes friends with a schoolmate and outcast, Eugene who has a pet python, Bilbo and a pet bunny, Akbar. (hee, hee) After a horrible accident, and the deaths of these two pets, Ned decides to use his gift to help his friend. He learns that an act of charity can outweigh the consequences of it’s actions.

Let’s see how this theme plays out…

First we have Ned (Oh, Ned. Ever afraid, sad, worried and brooding. How is Chuck, ever excited, happy and bubbling in love you?) stress baking in the kitchen. He is certain that Dwight Dixon (former bff of Charles Charles, Chuck’s dad) is going to find out that Chuck is dead…or well, that she’s alive. So, Olive heads off to Lily & Vivian’s house to gossip about Dwight (and do a little investigating while she’s there). And who beats her there? Well, Dwight, of course. He’s there to take Vivian out on the town.

The two new love birds are sitting on a park bench while Dwight serenades her with a clarinet (you know, the usual). Then, he asks her about Chuck. Vivian begins to cry that it’s her fault Chuck died. She shows Dwight Chuck’s obituary and Dwight recognizes her from The Pie Hole. (Notice the evil gleam in his eye!)

Dwight’s next stop is The Pie Hole where Olive is holding down the fort. Dwight leaves “a message” for Ned: Chuck’s obituary with obvious head shot included. Olive begins stress eating (at least 4 pies. Go Olive!).

Soon, Dwight heads back to the aunt’s house. This time for Lily and a heavy conversation that ends with Lily’s shotgun aimed at Dwight’s head. This conversation causes Lily to visit Chuck’s newly unearthed grave…and then Dwight’s hotel room which just happens to be FULL OF GUNS and Charles’ watch. Creeeeepy.

And as Chuck and Ned discuss Dwight and all his doings, they decide the best course of action is to WAKE Charles Charles and find out what Dwight’s intentions are. And this, my dear Pie Friends, is how our episode ends–with Ned and Chuck digging up her father’s grave. *shiver*

The End.

Oh wait. Yeah. There was this one little thing I forgot to mention—the murder investigation. To quote my favorite nanny, “If we must, we must.”

The facts are these…

Gustav Hopper, kabillionaire hires a modern day Robin Hood to steal his treasure…but only to test the faithfulness of his lovely (and mouthy) young wife.

Uhm…that’s really it in a nutshell. Do you want more? OK, ok…

Emerson takes the case because the Gustav is the inventor of the automatic yarn baller (uh, there may have been a better description than that…). And when our Pie Trio interviews poor Gustav (suspended in the chandalier that killed him) they discover why he was so rich–he was very bossy! He does all the talking and demands that his money-grubbing wife gets NONE of his money. He claims the bell man did it. And he mentions a second will in his safe at home.

While Emerson and Chuck interview the mouthy wife, Ned makes his way into the trophy room to find the will…and the trophies? Dead animals. *snicker* Ned finds an empty safe scribbled with the Latin phrase, “Orbis Pro Vox”. Which we soon discover is the slogan for “The Bell Men”…Robin Hood wannabes who ring bells a la The Salvation Army.

To catch this Robin Hood, they set up a sting at Lily & Vivian’s house (here we get to see Olive pretending to be a fabu wealthy wife with a pet pig). And we end with what we should have guessed at the beginning, Mouthy Wife and the Butler were in love lust. Gustav found out after he hired the Bell Man but before he could stop him. While trying to stop the Bell Man, a fight ensued and Gustav was accidentally killed when our Robbing Hood’s gun went off in the direction of his favorite chandelier.

And that really is the end.

Best Lines of the Night:

kinda-dead Gustaf to Chuck: “I like your moxy sassafrass!”

Emerson to himself: “Hello motive. Nice to see you again!”

Lily to Dwight, “You got your thumb on a big red button you do not want to push!’

In Conclusion:

We finally got an episode that propels the story and it doesn’t even matter because our precious Pie Hole is being canceled! *sob*

I can’t wait to see what Chuck & Ned discover in Charles Charles’ casket. I’m just guessing that it isn’t Charles. What do you think? (I don’t know what or who it might be, but another empty casket would just be fitting.)

Honestly, this episode wasn’t as amusing and colorful as usual. I only wrote down one Emerson zinger for goodness’ sakes. Of course, Gustav’s wife was quite funny. And Ned’s face when he walked into the trophy room…priceless!

Apparently we’ll be seeing all 13 of this season’s episodes. So, don’t cry too much, we’ll be together the rest of the season. And according to, Bryan Fuller has pitched a comic book to DC comics and a big screen movie to finish out our story lines. Now wouldn’t that be great? Can I come to the premiere?

(I’ll be mourning Pushing Daisies at my blog, feel free to come over. I’ll supply the tissues.)

(oh, and guess what I got? Olive’s Christmas album! Fa-la-la-la-la!)

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  1. This is (was) our family’s favorite show. If it had come back after the strick with a few episodes I think it may have made it. I’d be happy with a movie!!!

  2. Warning: I am hearing that the final episode ends with a cliffhanger.

    And I fell in love with Kristin Chenoweth’s Christmas CD the first time I heard it. Instant classic in my opinion.

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