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An Interactive Tour of Walt’s Apartment at Disneyland

If there’s a benefit to being the local newspaper for Disneyland, it’s that you get to report on a ton of cool stuff and get access that other reporters wouldn’t. Well, the OC Register has done it again with this Interactive Tour of Walt Disney’s Apartment at Disneyland. (Registration may be required, but it’s worth… Read More »An Interactive Tour of Walt’s Apartment at Disneyland

SIGGRAPH, Disney Mating Grounds

From Cartoon Brew comes two more interesting articles on Disney’s presence at SIGGRAPH L.A. (Next year in Boston!). First up is the long rambling, but oh so informative, trip report of one Bill, CG Student at RIT. I was very interested in what Ian Gooding and Dan Cooper had to say about Art Direction in… Read More »SIGGRAPH, Disney Mating Grounds

Breaking: Ovitz, Disney Board free to go

The verdict in the shareholder lawsuit over the $140 million severance package given to Michael Ovitz is in. The Board of Directors, Michael Eisner, and Ovitz are absolved of responsibility as they followed proper procedures. Herre’s a story on More later, I’m sure. Update: Forbes has a rather complete story already up. Doing your… Read More »Breaking: Ovitz, Disney Board free to go

Decision in Ovitz case expected tomorrow

A verdict in the shareholder lawsuit against the Walt Disney Company, its board of directors, and Michael Ovitz (ex-uber agent and ignored visionairy) is expected tomorrow. In an earlier post it was hypothisized that the shareholders would lose due to Delaware’s lax laws of corporate governence. According to a story at CBS Marketwatch: Law professors… Read More »Decision in Ovitz case expected tomorrow

Interview with Star Disney Animator, Andreas Deja

Andreas Deja (IMDB, Wikipedia) represents the cream of the crop as far as animators are concerned. He is Disney’s nine old men (wikipedia) all rolled into one for our generation. He joined Walt Disney Feature Animation at the right time to allow him to become one of our greatest links to the wisdom of the… Read More »Interview with Star Disney Animator, Andreas Deja

Disneyland’s well-wishers

Well it appears the day went off fairly well, all things considered. The park was packed at times, but the gates never closed. Here’s a look around the net at some of the coverage. kept sending photos of the event in real time via it’s ‘LIVE‘ cameraphone feature. The official 50th Anniversary Podcasts. The… Read More »Disneyland’s well-wishers

The record that started it all

Walt Disney Takes You to Disneyland was the first record released on the Disneyland Records Label. A musical tour of the now world-famous Park narrated by the ultimate tour guide, Walt Disney. This original vinyl album is now available on CD for the first time ever – complete with the original album artwork from 1956!… Read More »The record that started it all

Swiss Family Director

Disney’s record on remakes is hit and miss. That Darn Cat, (miss — except for the performance of Christina Ricci); Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan (hit); Freaky Friday (miss and hit depending on what version you’re watching); Herbie (it remains to be seen). So it is with equal parts dread and anticipation that I am… Read More »Swiss Family Director