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Iger Cashes In Thanks to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

Editor: Please welcome new guest author Daniel Ross The Avengers helped set even more records away from the box-office. Powered by the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Walt Disney Company (DIS on the NYSE) stocks rose to their highest level ever at $45.36 per share. Robert Iger,… Read More »Iger Cashes In Thanks to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

Disney Studio Chief Rich Ross Resigns

Rich Ross has resigned from his post as Walt Disney Studios Chair. After being promoted from his job running The Disney Channel, Ross has experienced a rocky road with full of strained relationships with many Hollywood insiders, not to mention others inside the Mouse House.… Read More »Disney Studio Chief Rich Ross Resigns

Disney Announces “Heroes Work Here” Veteran Jobs Program

Touting the motto “Heroes Work Here. Employ excellence. Hire veterans” President and Chief Executive Officer Robert A. Iger announced a new company-wide initiative to hire, train and support returning veterans yesterday at The Walt Disney Company’s (NYSE: DIS) Annual Shareholder meeting in Kansas City. The Heroes Work Here program continues Disney’s long history of respect and appreciation for the U.S. Armed Forces by expanding the company’s commitment to recognize and honor the sacrifice and service of these men and women.

As part of the initiative, Disney will provide at least 1,000 jobs and career opportunities for returning U.S. veterans over the next three years, support military families and veterans during their transition into civilian life, and launch a national public awareness campaign to encourage all employers across the U.S. to hire veterans.

In addition to providing career opportunities for veterans, Disney will also invest in select non-profit organizations that provide training and other support services. Through the Disney VoluntEARS program, employees will also engage in service projects with veterans’ organizations in communities around the country. The public awareness campaign, featuring veterans currently employed in various businesses across The Walt Disney Company, will highlight their value, encourage companies to hire these highly skilled men and women, and direct them to the Joining Forces initiative for more information.

Mr. Iger debuted the first spot at the conference, which can be viewed below the jump:

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Disneyland Paris looks for money for improvements

While it is frequently mentioned as the most beautiful of the Disney theme parks, Disneyland Paris is also a financial mess. Overbuilt hotels at its launch and some poor planning over the years saddled it with a debt load it has never quite been able… Read More »Disneyland Paris looks for money for improvements

An Eye on Marvel

Both eyes if I can spare them. Well, things are beginning to slot into place for the growing relationship between Marvel and Disney that began in 2009. The movie contracts are beginning to play out with the end result building strong new franchises for the… Read More »An Eye on Marvel

The Walt Disney Company rolls out 2010 Report

The Walt Disney Company has just released an online report that highlight many of the companies accomplishments from 2010. Disney has compiled all the information about (almost) everything that’s happened around the company in the past year in an interactive website. There are stories about each of the different parts of the Company (Studios, ABC, Parks, etc), and each part of the Company also has photo galleries and videos that you can click through. Each of the story sections also contains a small bit of forecasting what to expect in the next few years.

It’s definitely a great place to waste a couple of hours. For those with only a few minutes, I’ve included the full copy of CEO Robert Iger’s letter to shareholders and cast members below the jump:

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Judge to Disney: Pay up $319 Million for Millionaire lawsuit

Back in July a jury told Disney they owed the creators of the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire concept $319 million. That’s a lot of phone-a-friends. This was seen as the biggest court statement against “Hollywood Accounting” that is famous for properties that rake… Read More »Judge to Disney: Pay up $319 Million for Millionaire lawsuit