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UP from Pixar – now with fully operation website

With May 29th right around the corner, it’s time to turn up the dial on news from the next film from Pixar Studios – UP. The official website for UP has just been greatly expanded. There are games, “UPisodes”, TV spots, trailers, image galleries, and… Read More »UP from Pixar – now with fully operation website

Destiny calls Disney Animator to Voice Talent Stardom in Bolt!

The NY Times has a terrific article about Mark Walton, the Disney Animator and general pop culture nerd, whose ‘scratch’ track for Rhino, the wheel bound Hamster from BOLT!, became the breakout character of the movie. A couple months ago, though, the co-directors asked Mr.… Read More »Destiny calls Disney Animator to Voice Talent Stardom in Bolt!

Tinker Bell Makes A Movie, Signs Deal for Four More

A few years ago John Lasseter swept into the Walt Disney Studios on the waves of the Pixar / Disney merger. Like Obama, Lasseter had a mandate. His mandate was to reform the culture of Walt Disney Feature Animation. Make it more like the successful culture up in Pixar, while still retaining that which is essential to Disney. Near the top of Lasseter’s list, end the direct to video sequels (aka cheapquels).

So why in the world has Disney released yet one more Direct to Video movie? And how could it involve one of Walt Disney’s more beloved and classic characters – Tinker Bell. How could you let that happen Uncle John?

Well, he let it happen because, hey turns out the idea was pretty good. It needed some tweaking, a real reworking, really. They had to upgrade from the ‘TV afternoon quality’ animation the movie started with, rework the story, rework it again, and again, and then suffer while all the merchandise that was created for the original release date hit the streets with no movie to tie-in too.

So the question is, was it worth it?

My answer is yes. “Tinker Bell” turns out to be a good movie. Yeah, they didn’t get Tinker Bell’s look or personality right. Yes, it’s computer animation, not hand drawn. But if you think of it as a re-launch, or an update to keep the character relevant, then they did a good job. In fact, if you can get over the fact that Tinker Bell speaks, you can easily overcome all the other changes that Pixie Hollow brings.

Some of those changes are good things. The story has heart, great characters, and a good message. You certainly can’t ask for more when you’re looking for good home entertainment from Disney. I guess that’s the reason the DVD is number one on the Amazon sales chart right now.

Now we hear that not only is the second Tinker Bell film well under way, a third film is being scripted. There’s a fourth and fifth film in the series if those two do well too. All this is part of the Walt Disney Company’s plan to make the Disney Fairies brand as big a money maker as the Disney Princess brand. I wish them luck.

The full press release with details on the DVD, Blu-Ray and Special Features is below the cut. So click on through.
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BOLT!: Official Website has Launched

This November 21st Bolt, Mittens, Rhino, Penny will lead audiences on an adventure of a lifetime. BOLT follows the adventures of the canine television star BOLT who believes that TV based super-powers are actually real as he attempts to find his way across America back to his co-star and friend, Penny. Along the way a cat named Mittens and a hamster named Rhino become his companions and then friends.

So yeah, the cross country pet adventure genre has been done a number of times. But from what I’ve heard Walt Disney Animation Studios has put some real heart into this tale. Look for some of the tale-tale signs of Pixar’s story and characterization depth as this is the first film John Lasseter and crew have had influence over from before the first frame was drawn.

If you’re as excited about the film as I am, you’ll be happy to hear that the official website is now open to explore. Plenty of videos, photos, downloads, and games to enjoy too.

Below the cut I’ve included a short preview video with John Travolta and Miley Cyrus that includes a clip from the movie:

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Rumor: Glen Keane removed from Rapunzel by Lasseter

CartoonBrew just posted a crazy rumor from inside Walt Disney Animation Studios. A CalArts professor claims that John Lasseter has removed Glen Keane from the director’s chair on Rapunzel. Apparently too many problems were cropping up with the work so far. Lasseter had previous assigned… Read More »Rumor: Glen Keane removed from Rapunzel by Lasseter

Bolt: New Poster revealed as release nears

With the 800 pound gorilla that is Harry Potter out of the way, the pressure will be on BOLT to reign at the box office. Those who saw the whole film at the recent Walt Disney Studios press junket have been guardedly optimistic. Most said… Read More »Bolt: New Poster revealed as release nears

Bolt: Extended Clip

Disney has released a three and a half minute clip to Yahoo Movies from the upcoming animated feature – Bolt! I have to say that I’m growing more and more excited about the film with every tidbit released. I know it’s a Walt Disney Animation… Read More »Bolt: Extended Clip