Destiny calls Disney Animator to Voice Talent Stardom in Bolt!

The NY Times has a terrific article about Mark Walton, the Disney Animator and general pop culture nerd, whose ‘scratch’ track for Rhino, the wheel bound Hamster from BOLT!, became the breakout character of the movie.

A couple months ago, though, the co-directors asked Mr. Walton to meet them in the recording studio. He assumed it was to re-record a line that was slurred or too quiet. Instead he was told he was the voice of Rhino.

The directors suddenly had a very animated 6-foot-2 bearded man on their hands. “I jumped up and down and screamed like a girl,” Mr. Walton said. “There’s a videotape to prove it.”

“Who cares about fame and fortune?” he said, clenching his fists in excitement and waiving them in the air. “I’m going to be a plush animal.”

Mark sounds like someone I hope Walt Disney Animation Studios plans to keep around a long time.

3 thoughts on “Destiny calls Disney Animator to Voice Talent Stardom in Bolt!”

  1. Can I tell you why I won’t be taking my daughter to this movie?

    In the commercial Bolt says “There’s a guard”. The hamster in a ball says “I’ll snap his neck”.

    I’m sorry, but WHY is that in a kid’s movie?!? Are we going to see stories in the news after the movies open of kids snapping other kids’ necks? Why even have that in there as it appears it does nothing for the plot.

  2. Hey Kim have your kids seen Snow White another kids film? Did they try to cut out there friends hearts and put it in a box after they saw the film.

    I think after you see the film you will understand the context and personality of the character Rhino that says that line, and you will see how it is more comedic that anything.

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