Wall-e News and Updates

Some quick news from the world of Pixar’s WALL-E.

Finally, below the cut you’ll find another cute vignette of Wall-E encountering a fire hydrant.

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Early WALL-E Reviews are In for Pixar

WALL-E screenings are beginning to happen with one of the first being the wrap party for Pixar employees. Obviously, there are some slight spoilers, if you want to form your own opinion. Here’s DoomMunky at the Quarter to Three Game Forums who saw WALL-E at… Read More »Early WALL-E Reviews are In for Pixar

New WALL-E Photos and more

WALL-E may not hit theaters until June 27, but two new pictures (and high resolution versions of some older pictures) are now available for viewing on /Film. There are some slight spoilers, but nothing you wouldn’t get by watching the trailers. (Link) Games have finally… Read More »New WALL-E Photos and more

Build your own WALL-E

We’re less than a month away from the June 26th premier of Pixar’s WALL-E in movie theaters everywhere. That doesn’t leave you with much time to build your own WALL-E. Oh sure, you can by the expensive remote control toy, but what fun is that… Read More »Build your own WALL-E