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tron legacy

Tron Legacy Trailer Hits the Internet

Without any further ado… the first trailer from Tron Legacy. Open. Open. Open. This looks a little different from the ‘proof of concept’ trailer that was shown at Comic-Con, but it’s still good. What do you think?

New image from TRON: Legacy – Jeff Bridges

I’m loving this new photo of Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn. It’s so dark and broody. TRON 2.0 is not your father’s Tron. (click for larger image) Image Caption: Jeff Bridges, winner of both a Golden Globe® and Screen Actors Guild Award®—and now an Oscar®… Read More »New image from TRON: Legacy – Jeff Bridges

Tron Legacy is Wilde

Tron Legacy (aka Tron 2.0) is still more than a year away from it’s theatrical release. Primary shooting just wrapped and now the intensive post-production process begins. Olvia Wilde (whom you may know from her role on “House”) sat down with for an interview… Read More »Tron Legacy is Wilde

Tron Legacy Trailer

Here, direct from Comic-Con, is the teaser trailer for Tron Legacy (aka Tron 2.0 or TR2N). Note, this is essentially the same video from last year, just much better quality. So Flynn Lives, eh. I’m certainly looking forward to this. Look for Tron Legacy to… Read More »Tron Legacy Trailer