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The Morning Report, return of

Heh. Well the weekend activities have finally faded into the past and I think I’ve caught up on my sleep. Now, if I could get this cold to go away, all would be swell. In the mean time, here are some Disney news and links for today:

Princess Fee had never seen Captain EO before. Now that it’s at Disneyland, she’s taken the plunge. Read a first timers review.

Tron Legacy will be coming at you larger and in more theaters than before. This looks to be Disney’s breakout hit for the year. Sorry Prince of Persia.

The cast of 2010 Dancing With the Stars has been revealed. My bet, Chad Ochocinco.

Live in the Tri-State area? You might want to call Cablevision and tell them that dropping the local ABC affiliate is not acceptable. Cablevision tells their side of the story.

IO9 makes a good argument for why the Alice in Wonderland stories are a ‘Steampunk’ masterpiece. Tim Burton’s take comes out this Friday, can you believe it?

Finally, here’s a really cute video celebrating Disney’s give a day, get a day promotion. There is some great stop-motion animation involving post-it notes:

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  1. As far as Cablevision goes, why would you even have cable these days? Most programming is available online through Hulu, youtube or some other website. Over the air programming is crystal clear with the digital technology and honestly, thanks to digital most areas enjoy 100+ channels over the air now. The few things that you can’t get for free through other means can be downloaded through iTunes, Amazon Video, etc. for a few dollars each (for most people, this will cost far less than a cable bill will).

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