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Tron Legacy is Wilde

Tron Legacy (aka Tron 2.0) is still more than a year away from it’s theatrical release. Primary shooting just wrapped and now the intensive post-production process begins. Olvia Wilde (whom you may know from her role on “House”) sat down with for an interview where they talked about Tron Legacy.

We shot some 20-hour days, we were wearing the suits, which are not easy to wear. I was doing a lot of my own stunts and training a lot of the time. Really pushing myself physically as well as mentally. It was an epic undertaking. It was a HUGE film to shoot in those few days. I was so proud to be a part of it. The morning that we wrapped it was an unbelievable feeling. We all just lost it. It was sunrise and we couldn’t believe we were actually done.

So when do we start camping in line?

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