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Big Apple Pixie Dust: D23’s Sneak Peek at Times Square Disney Store

Ed: I’m very happy to welcome back guest author Daniel Wanderman. Yesterday morning, myself and fellow Disney groupie Jenn ( had the privilege of attending a very unique event at the brand new Times Square Disney Store. Just two days before the grand opening celebration… Read More »Big Apple Pixie Dust: D23’s Sneak Peek at Times Square Disney Store

Disney in Times Square, New York City

Disney has been invading New York City’s Times Square ever since Beauty and the Beast opened at the Palace Theater in 1994. With the closure of Tarzan and Little Mermaid, it may appear Disney’s influence is on the ebb, but with my visit yesterday, I found that to be anything but true.

The whole area has been turned into a metropolitan version of Main Street U.S.A. complete with pedestrians walking in the middle of the street, a giant emporium, amusement attractions and, it wouldn’t be Time Square without it, millions of glowing light bulbs. (I’d hate to be the person responsible for replacing those that burn out.)

The ‘Disneyfication’ of New York is astounding and nearly complete. There are still some rough edges, but that’s to be expected in New York. It’s part of the city’s charm. Either way, the tourists didn’t seem to mind, I half expected to see a band marching around or some walk-around characters… Turns out, I wasn’t disappointed.

Join me  below the jump and let’s go on a little walking tour and see for ourselves.

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