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Times Square Disney Store in New York City Grand Opening Nov 9th

Update: the correct day is now mentioned. Sorry for any confusion.

The grand opening of Disney’s newest Disney Store will take place in the world famous Times Square of New York City Nov 9th Tuesday morning. The event will feature a parade that will require much of Times Square to be shut down. Jordin Sparks will be performing the theme song to “Beauty and the Beast” as part of the festivities.

The Schwartz Family of Boston, MA have been selected as the winners of the sweepstakes to “Unlock Imagination” at the grand opening ceremony of Disney Store. The family of four was chosen from nearly 10,000 entries in a week-long contest hosted by Disney Store and 9-year-old Aden and 5-year-old Trevor will play a starring role in the magical festivities- taking to the stage to turn the key to imagination and officially unlock the brand-new Disney Store.

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  1. I was in the store on saturday and they said that the grand opening is on tuesday, Nov. 9th, not monday the 8th. Did they change the opening date?

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